Game Guide

Welcome to the game board. Here are the rules and tips!

Game Rules

Character Setting

Ranking System

There are five ranks. Novice is the starting rank. A higher rank is earned by attaining the required ranking-score. A rank cannot be lost. Human and AI-player's ranking-scores get adjusted after every game played.

100: Apprentice

200: Journeyman

300: Master

400: Grand Master

When you win a game, your ranking-score increases. The difference between your ranking-score and your opponent's determines the points you gain. You can earn a maximum of 10 points by defeating a player ranked 200 points higher than you, and a minimum of 1 point by beating someone ranked 200 points lower.

Conversely, losing a game has the opposite effect. The most points you can lose is 7, which occurs when you're defeated by a player ranked 100 points below you. The least points you can lose is 1, which happens when you lose to someone ranked 100 points above you.

Your points cannot fall below 0 or go above 500.

Additionally, winning a league grants 4 bonus points. Claiming victory in the Hard league awards double the points.