Savvy Four - Advanced 4 in a Row

What is Savvy Four?

Savvy Four is a free to play, strategic board game for everyone. The goal is to connect four tokens to score points.

The game can be played in a web browser and is available as an app for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.

To begin, players can customize their character and select a game type to play against either AI opponents of varying difficulties or a friend. Players have the option to participate in single games or join a league where each player competes against one another. The game features a ranking system that starts at Novice and progresses as players win games.

Game screen of Eve playing Adam with an empty game board.

Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics: How to connect four tokens in a row.

The goal is to connect four of your own tokens horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The player to connect four tokens, scores a point. The first player to score five points wins the game. If neither player reaches five points by the time the game board is full, the game continues on a new game board.

The game board is 8 by 8 with random tiles being blocked, so every game is different.

Available for iPhones and iPads using iOS 12.0 or higher. Savvy Four is available on the App Store.

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Available for Android phones and tablets using Android 8.0 or higher. Savvy Four is available on Google Play.

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Ranks & Opponents

There are five ranks: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master and Grand Master.

AI players with higher ranks will choose savvier moves.

You can increase your own rank by defeating opponents. The higher ranked your oppenent compared to you, the more ranking-points you get for winning.

On the other hand, losing a game reduces your ranking-points. However, you can never lose a gained rank. Losing against higher ranked opponents has a smaller impact on your ranking-points than losing against equally ranked players.


Screenshot of Achievements, showing 4 different completed achievements.

In the captivating game and battle to connect four of your tokens in a row, prepare to unleash your strategic prowess and engage in thrilling battles of wits! Strategize your moves, outmaneuver your opponent, and aim to achieve victory. With its intuitive gameplay this strategy game will put your critical thinking and tactical decision-making skills to the test.

Embark on a journey of achievement as you defeat various opponents and unlock a plethora of accolades. Defeat the same opponent three times in a row to claim the "Triple Win" achievement, or showcase your mastery by winning a total of 10 or 100 games to earn the prestigious "Grand Champion" title. With over 100 different achievements to strive for, the path to greatness is paved with thrilling victories and strategic triumphs.


Single Match: Play against a random opponent or another person.

League Match: Join a league and play against every opponent in the league. Earn extra ranking points by winning the league. This mode is also available for two people.

Save Game: Your progression and achievements are automatically saved after each game. However, the game is still under development, upcoming major changes in the game may result in a (partial) reset of your progression.